Some Native Americans tribes believed that each carefully woven web of a dreamcatcher will catch bad dreams and hold them till the morning sun evaporates them. The feathers assist the flight of the good dreams to find their way through the centre hole & float down to bless the dreamer with trouble free dreams.

Others believed that the good dreams are drawn to the web by the feathers to bless the dreamer while the nightmares are captured in the centre to help us understand & release them when we wake.

Either way they are special.


Originally dreamcatcher hoops were made from willow branches covered with sage and the web woven from sinew. They were hung over cradles to protect children from nightmares.

Today Dreamcatchers are used by young & old to ward off bad dreams, for protection, to attract special energy into a room or simply as decoration.


Naturali Catchi Dreamcatchers are handcrafted to attract particular qualities by using specific colours, feathers, beads & crystals.


Dreamcatchers are made to order in any size & shape.

Standard sizes are: Small = Saucer size

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Medium - Side plate size

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Large - Dinner plate size

They can be personalised by adding stones or objects relating to birth sign, ailments or to attract specific energy into the space it is hung.


Dreamcatcher Workshops:

Learn to make your own dreamcatcher.

Ideal for childrenís parties or creative gatherings.


Long Flowing

Half Web

Spirals & Orbitals

Naturali Catchi Dreamcatchers and Travellerís Dusters can be purchased from:

Rockchic Houtbay - Click here for details

Or contact Michelle to order your personalised one today.

Travellerís Dusters:

It is believed that feathers hung in a vehicle sweep the road ahead keeping it clear of accidents & misfortune.

Made with leather thong to easily be hung from your rear view mirror. They are handcrafted with care & intention. The colours of the beads have specific meanings & feathers & a quartz crystal or other semi precious stones hang from the ends.



Standard Medium & Large

Medium Lapis Lazuli

Large Rhodochrosite

Large Flourite