Women on Djembe

Women on Djembe have been delighting Cape Town audiences for over six years with their powerful, inspirational, energetic and stirring drumming performances and life changing workshops.

Beat-It Weddings

Beat-it's specialist drumming adds Africa's unique flavour to your Cape Town wedding.

You can choose from three drummers up to the full 8 piece ensemble, which includes our Xhosa singers. Instruments include Djembe’s, bass drums, bells, Uhadi & Mbira. We can also offer you and your family/friends a short introduction into djembe drumming after the wedding ceremony.

AfroTropica Steelband

This professional performing steelband is attached to the

Steelband Project. The band ranges from a duo to a

nine-piece depending on the occasion and venue size.

Always colourfully turned out, we play a vibrant repertoire of

African, Caribbean and Jazz tunes.

The instrumentation is predominately the steelpan, which

originated on the island of Trinidad in the 1940s, and is also

augmented with percussion or drumkit.

On occasion,Kenny Gibe, one of our lead pan players also joins us

on guitar.


The band is ideally suited for creating a festive atmosphere at

anything from a small cocktail party to a wedding or corporate event. We have performed at numerous high-profile functions for parliamentarians, diplomats and done residencies at the

Table Bay Hotel, Ratanga Junction and Moyo Restaurant at

Spier Wine Estate.


A CD and a short DVD of our music is also available.

"Simba reMbira" - Mbira Ensemble

Dingiswayo Juma's Mbira ensemble consists of 7 performers. Dingi regularly performs on his own & with his regular 3 piece. They play Mbira, hoshi (shakers) & sing, adding ambiance to any event.

Fire Dancing

All performances are adjusted to suit the needs of the event as well as the venues' specifications. Shows cater for birthdays, weddings, outdoor festivals, product launches, corporate functions - practically anything. Freestyle or choreographed performances by 1 to 12 performers

ilanga Le-Afrika Marimba Band

4 piece Marimba band

Hlanganani Zulu & Gumboot Dancing

4 – 6 piece dance ensemble


Take a holiday from your busy mind, day, life!
Christopher uses beautiful, harmonious and resonant sounds which provide access to your inner stillness and vitality, restore a balance and transform the residue of accumulated trauma, leaving you calm, energized and at peace – ready to face life’s challenges and journeys.

Sound Journey: The ultimate in soothing, gentle, stress release, a sound journey is a sound bath or sound massage during which simple yet powerful live sounds are woven through your body, mind and spirit. All you need do, is lie down with eyes closed and allow yourself to be transported, mesmerized and thoroughly ‘tuned’ by overtone singing, Tibetan bowl, flute, rain stick, didgeridoo and a few other ‘toys’ and surprises.

The whole journey ends with a closing session where participants are invited to ask questions and/or share their experiences.

Naturali Catchi Drummers

Performances for all occasions :

Welcome guests at the entrance with the rhythms of Africa

Liven up your corporate event & year end function


2 to 6 piece ensembles available to suit your needs & your budget