Interactive Drumming

Interactive Gumboot Dancing


A pair of gumboots and ankle shakers will be provided for each delegate

We will teach you how to use the gumboots and your body to make the slapping and stomping noises and a traditional song. Soon you will know the whole dance sequence – your whole company will join in the synergy.



All interactive sessions tailor-made to suit your needs and your pocket!

We cater for any size group!
Guaranteed fun for all!

Interactive drumming is ideal for:


Kids Parties & functions

Creating harmony within communities

Connecting with fellow human beings & having fun

Breaking down racial, social & communication barriers


Drumming has been used through the ages as a form of communication, for celebrations & festivals and for therapy to promote healing of body, mind & soul. Today drumming is extensively used as a tool in team building exercises, for stress relief and therapy. It promotes left/right co-ordination, releases stress & tension and assists in releasing negative emotions inevitably manifesting as illness in the body if not dealt with. Drumming is a powerful healing tool for people of all ages, breaking down racial & social barriers and allowing individuals to get in touch with themselves & “BE HERE NOW”.


Regardless of musical experience, everyone shares their rhythmical spirit, offers something to the circle, and empowers each other in celebrating the community and life through rhythm and music. 

As people in the circle play together, they fall into rhythm together, or entrain. As a result of entrainment, drum circles promote relaxation, like-mindedness, and a sense of belonging to a community.