This A4 book contains 45 notated songs including calls, breaks & solos and a few rhythm based exercises in an easy to read format. The songs include rhythms from West Africa, Southern Africa & original compositions and the meanings of the songs are given wherever possible. Words to songs are also provided.

Included in the front of the book are 4 pages on “How to use this book” and “About the notation”.

A cd containing the Percussion Studio files and free download of the program is also included.

Egg Shakers & Maracas

Tambourines & Triangles


Drum Bags


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Djembe Sales & Accessories:

Percussion Instruments:

Wood blocks, Clave & Guiro’s

Bells & plastic blocks

Frog Guiro’s

Drum Skins:

Treated & Natural goatskins

Congo & Bongo velum’s

Treated & pre-cut goatskin

Natural Goat skin

10”, 12” & 14” Ivory Coast, Malian & Ghanaian Djembe’s


Drum Straps


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Rhythm Notation

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Introduction to the Kalimba & Mbira

Introduction to the Djembe & other percussive instruments

Ensemble rhythms for drums & other percussive instruments from around the world with calls & breaks

Rhythm based games & exercises

Instructional CD containing Percussion Studio free player, Percussion Studio Notation files & audio tracks for vocal parts.

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